Class 10 NCERT Exemplar Solved Problems – Free PDF Download (Updated for 2023–2024)

The NCERT Exemplar is offered here to aid students in comprehending all the material and building a solid foundation in areas like math. It is suggested that students study these NCERT Exemplars in order to do well on exams and continue on to their chosen degrees in further education. Students’ ability to solve problems will also be aided by the advanced-level questions in the NCERT example book, which will enable them to more readily address higher order thinking skills (HOTS) questions on the CBSE Board test.

The NCERT Exemplar Maths Solutions provided here include comprehensive explanations, a variety of practice questions, and well-organized solutions created by knowledgeable staff members to assist students ace the exams. Students will be able to enhance their overall learning and gain deeper subject-matter understanding thanks to the exemplar. With the help of these NCERT Exemplar Solutions, students will be able to understand the ideas and get rid of all of their questions. The questions in the Class 10 NCERT Exemplar Books are addressed in these solutions.

Chapter 1Real Numbers
Chapter 2Polynomials
Chapter 3Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
Chapte 4Quadratic Equations
Chapter 5Arithmetic Prorgression
Chapter 6Traingles
Chapter 7Co-odinate Geometry
Chapter 8Intoduction to Trigonomety
Chapte 9Some Appliations of Trigonometry
Chapter 10Circles
Chapte 11Areas Related to Circles
Chapter 12Surface Areas and Volumes
Chapter 13Statistics
Chapter 14Probability
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