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IGNOU B.com Previous Solved Papers Download PDF for free

If You Are in this Page You are looking for IGNOU Previous Solved Papers for B.com Course.
You will find IGNOU B.com Previous Solved Papers for free Here. IGNOU University Conducting term end exams.  These Previous Solved Papers will be helpful in that term end exam to those Students who are pursuing B.com from IGNOU.
Subject Code Subject Name Questions/Answers
BCOC 131 Financial Accounting View
BCOC 132 Business Organisation and Management View
BEGLA 135 English in Daily Life View
BEVAE 181 Environmental Studies View
BCOC 133 Business Law View
BCOC 134 Business mathematics and Statistics View
BHDLA 136 हिन्दी भाषा : लेखन कौशल View
BEGLA 136 English at work place View
BEDAE 182 हिन्दी भाषा और सम्प्रेषण View
BEGAE 182 English Communication Skills View
BCOC 135 Company Law View
BCOC 136 Element of Income Tax View
BCOS 183 Commuter Application in Business View
BHDLA 137 हिन्दी भाषा: सम्प्रेषण कौशल View
BEGLA 137 Language Through Literature View
BCOC 137 Corporate Accounting View
BCOC 138 Cost Accounting View
BCOLA 138 Business Communication View
BCOS 184 E -Commerce View
BCOE 141 Principles of Marketing View
BCOE 143 Management Accounting View
BCOS  185 Entrepreneurship View
BCOG 171 Principles of Micro Economics View
BCOE 142 Fundamental of Financial Management View
BCOE 144 Office Management and Secretarial Practice View
BCOS 186 Personal Selling and Salesmanship View
BCOG 172 Indian Economy View
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